Flap Striae

Macrostirae demonstrating gross linear folds in the visual axis

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms:
    • Fine "microstriae" usually do not affect vision
    • "Macrostriae" in the visual axis may cause reduced vision due to optical aberrations and irregular astigmatism
  • Signs: fine or gross, linear folds commonly seen in the corneal flap after LASIK.
  • Causes: thin or large flap, excessive dehydration of the flap, high myopic or hyperopic correction and uneven smoothing of the corneal flap surface after the primary procedure.


  • If identified early, the flap may be relifted, stretched, hydrated and gently smoothed to remove the striae.
  • In recalcitrant cases, suture placement at the flap edge has been reported to be successful to remove the striae.