Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We are immensely proud of our training program and our commitment to continuously innovate, incorporate feedback and grow our program into the very best that our residents deserve. We have created many venues for our residents to actively participate in developing and implementing changes in the program and hospital.

Resident Forums

Residents have the opportunity to provide formalized feedback and contribute directly to program and hospital changes through participation in targeted forums. Each Forum focuses on a different facet of the residency experience and is led by a Chief Resident, an Associate Program Director. Forums meet on a monthly basis and are open to all residents in a hybrid small group and virtual format.

Current forums include:

  • Resident Life - facilitating events and initiatives to promote resident quality of life
  • Learning and Leadership - focused on education innovation and building leadership skills
  • Clinical Operations and Quality Assurance - identifying areas to improve the quality of care we deliver as residents and a hospital system
  • Information Technology - engaging residents in resolving IT issues and leveraging IT solutions to clinical problems

Recent resident-driven improvements that have emerged from the forums include:

  • Our psychiatrist-led Meaning in Medicine groups
  • Peer mentorship program
  • Joint medicine-radiology case conferences
  • Medical ethics discussion series
  • Reduced utilization of phlebotomy and lab ordering
  • Start-of-block nursing/resident “meet and greet” sessions

Peer Representatives

Peer representatives are selected for each PGY year, serving as liaisons between the program leadership and the resident class body. Peer reps meet on a biweekly basis with the chiefs and program director, and ensure that the interests of the residents are being attended to. Additionally, peer reps are encouraged to take on specific projects and to play more defined roles in recruitment. The peer rep program is a long-standing and integral part of the program’s success.

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