MS in Genetic Counseling

The Future of Genomic Medicine and Health Care

Genetic counseling students pose for a photo.

Program in Genetic Counseling

Become a genetic counselor grounded in social justice, compassion, a sense of self, and the skills to be a leader in genetic and genomic health care. The Columbia University Program in Genetic Counseling curriculum combines genetic and genomic sciences with humanism and ethical inquiry. Choose a one-size-fits-you experience with research endeavors, university-wide electives, fellowships, and the VP&S Club: the broadest student activities organization for the arts, athletics, and community outreach in American medical education.

Prospective Student?

Webinars, open houses, and practicums designed to help you explore the profession of genetic counseling and the pathway to practice. Learn more about these opportunities here.

Recent Faculty and Student Publications

Columbia University has a long history of robust scholarly activity and our Program is no exception. Our faculty conduct cutting-edge research in genetic counseling, mentoring our students and strengthening their skills and passion for the research process. Learn more about some of our recent faculty and student publications.

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