Dr. Cynthia Chiarello, Assistant Professor, Retires

After more than thirty years in academia, Dr. Cynthia Chiarello is moving into a new phase and retiring from Columbia University.

For all the students that she has had the privilege of teaching over these many years, she hopes that she has instilled an appreciation for the material that was so close to her heart.  She has tremendous gratitude for all the wonderful lab instructors who were always dedicated and  terrific. One of her greatest joys has been working with students on their thesis and later capstone projects. Dr. Chiarello commented, "What a gift it has been to work with individual and small groups of students. I truly enjoyed getting to know these wonderful people and witnessing their scholarly growth while mentoring their investigational skills." She has kept in touch with many and is especially proud that a few have gone on to PhD’s.

A few years ago, Dr, Chiarello was honored to accept a new challenge becoming the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy. This exciting position affords her the opportunity to stretch her wings in new ways while using much of what she has learned over the years. She looks forward to continuing to grow as an editor and contribute to the profession in new and different ways.

Dr. Chiarello remarks,“One of the main reasons people become a physical therapist is to help people. We each find our unique path toward this goal. I hope that my small part in educating generations of physical therapy students has helped them achieve their goal of improving the lives of their patients and enhancing the profession.”