Student Coalition Projects


These monthly "Conversations are meant to continue to grow our understanding and to challenge our way of thinking about the injustices affecting the community at large and those within our field. We base our talks on a "growth piece" (short story, video clip, poem, etc.) brought to the group by a student. It is meant to be a low-key and casual conversation.

Conversations Topics

  • Perceptions and Bias
  • Immigration
  • Ableism
  • The Asian Experience
  • The Biracial/Multiracial Experience
  • Matters of Respect
  • Respecting your Elders
  • The Latino/a Experience
  • The Re-entry Process for Incarcerated Individuals

Better Practices

BP is similar to a journal club but with more emphasis on discussion and a strict focus on marginalized patient populations. Seminars are meant to use peer-reviewed literature to help us develop solutions to healthcare disparities these populations may experience in the context of physical therapy. The goal is that attendees walk away with better "tools" in their toolbox for patient populations that are often overlooked or receive lower quality care in the current healthcare system.

Better Practice Topics:

  • Racial Disparities in Mortality among Adults Hospitalized after Injury
  • Masculinizing Chest Reconstruction in TG/NB Individuals
  • Lost in Translation: Perceptions of Limited English Speakers in Physical Therapy
  • Experience of Healthcare Among the Homeless and Vulnerably Housed
  • Other Barriers of Accessing Health Care: Perspective of Patients with Mild and Moderate Intellectual Disability and Their Carers
  • Providing Affirmative Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth


Better Practices is a space where students can practice thinking through difficult clinical scenarios and come up with their own solutions for handling it as well as hear ideas from peers about their approaches for handling the scenario. It provides a space for conversations to be had about putting thought into practice.

- Libby R. (2nd Year DPT Student)

Brown Bag

"Deep Dish" is a chance to have informal discussions surrounding hot topic issues within the LGBTGIA+ community. The session begins with an educational component, whether media, guest speakers, or text and follows with prompt questions and free flowing discussion. No prep needed - we just ask individuals to bring their lunch and an open mind! Brown bag can be tailored to whatever population/ hot topic of your choosing.

Deep Dish Topics

  • Queer Spaces/Queer Spatiality
  • Identity and Understanding Terminology

Orientation Workshop

A dialogue-based workshop that is held during orientation to provide students a safe space to get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. These conversations are surrounded by health disparities, race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and other social justice issues that can influence the patient's quality of health care. The goal of this workshop is to leave more open-minded, navigate difficult conversations better and apply the tools we learn to become better clinicians all around.