Chronic BRVO

Chronic BRVO
  • Clearing of the retinal hemorrhages after BRVO usually occurs in 3-6 months.

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms:
    • Maybe asymptomatic
    • Visual loss if associated with macular edema
    • Unilateral visual field defect
  • Signs:
    • Marked sheathing or narrowing of the occluded vein
    • Chronic leakage from these abnormal vessels that contribute to accumulation of hard exudates
    • Collateral vessels with following characteristics:
      • Small and tortuous
      • Commonly cross from the territory of the occlusion to an uninvolved vein
      • May cross the horizontal raphe and drain into the venous circulation of the uninvolved quadrant
  • Can be complicated with retinal or optic disc neovascularization, preretinal membrane formation, and rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.