Crocodile Shagreen

Crocodile Shagreen
  • Usually seen in the elderly.
  • Maybe seen in association with peripheral band keratopathy or following trauma.
  • Familial type maybe occurs with X-linked megalocornea or in a juvenile form of anterior mosaic crocodile shagreen.

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms: usually asymptomatic
  • Signs:
    • Appears as bilateral, polygonal, grayish-white opacities
    • Anterior shagreen are seen in the deep layers of the epithelium or in Bowman's layer, and become more apparent after instillation of fluorescein drop
    • Posterior shagreen are generally seen in the central deep cornea which makes it difficult to differentiate with a central cloudy dystrophy of the cornea
  • No treatment is required.
Crocodile Shagreen