Research Colloquium

Research Colloquium

The Programs in Physical Therapy held its annual Research Colloquium on November 18th, 2021. The event returned to its in-person format for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began. It was hosted by our very own Dr. Jacqueline Montes and featured guest keynote speaker Erick N. Merriether, PT, DPT, PhD. Dr. Merriwether presented "Trying to Ease the Pain: A Journey Toward Better Understanding Chronic Pain." It was followed by our third-year DPT students presenting original research completed in collaboration with CUIMC faculty. Our first-year students were also in attendance to experience the presentations and get a glimpse of what will be expected from them. All of our students did an extraordinary job and were well prepared by our faculty for their presentations. Below are some photos highlighting the event.


DPT student Jansen Nicholas speaking during our Research Colloquium.
Our 3rd year DPT student Jansen Atiatonharonkwen Nicholas presented the Land Acknowledgment for this year's Research Colloquium.


Keynote Speaker Dr. Ericka N. Merriwether, PT, DPT, PhD
Our Keynote Speaker Dr. Ericka N. Merriwether via Zoom. 


Students answering questions after their presentation.
Presenters: Jenna DelVescio, Beteal Kuflom, Jeffrey You.


DPT students answering questions about the research they presented.
Presenters: Alexandria Brownell, Amanda Fox, Cristina Fuentes Ortiz, Caroline Levart, Swathi Madala, Neiladri Mallick, Marla McReynolds Waldron, Mary Senzig.


Dr. Jean Timmerberg speaking at the podium.
Dr. Jean Timmerberg delivering the Closing Remarks at our Research Colloquium. 


Research Colloquium Program Front
Reseach Day Program.