Policy on Scheduling in the Fundamentals Curriculum

In the Fundamentals curriculum, students are to have two afternoons of protected time free of scheduled activities. Given that some courses teach subsets of the class on different afternoons (i.e., Clinical Gross Anatomy, Foundations of Clinical Medicine Clerkships and Foundations of Clinical Medicine Tutorials), there will not be free periods for the class en bloc.

The block schedule guiding the distribution of time to each course and protecting two afternoons per week per student will be reviewed and recommended by the Fundamentals subcommittee and approved by the CEPC annually.

Requests for scheduling outside of the block schedule will be made to the Senior Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs who may permit exceptions to the policy under compelling circumstances (e.g., schedule changes due to inclement weather, faculty illness and special curricular events such as visiting lecturers) and in consultation with the vice dean for education.