Plagiarism and Misrepresentation

Honesty, integrity and accuracy are essential for patient safety, public trust and the development of the doctor-patient alliance in which honesty and trust are a cornerstone. Plagiarism and misrepresentation rightfully erode the trust of patients in their doctors and of society in our profession. These practices also have the potential to harm patients by introducing errors into clinical work.

As delineated in Suitability for the Practice of Medicine and in the VP&S Honor Code, students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity in all aspects of their education and in their interactions with patients, staff, faculty and colleagues. They may not cheat, plagiarize, use unauthorized materials, misrepresent their work, paraphrase an author’s ideas or work without proper citation, falsify data or assist others in the commission of these acts. Students must assure the accuracy and completeness of their part of the medical record.

Student work should be original and may not be copied and pasted without attribution. This applies to admission notes, progress notes, discharge summaries, written papers, scholarly work and personal statements for residency.

Instances of plagiarism and misrepresentation are subject to the Honor Code (as applicable), Dean’s Discipline, and the Academic Infraction Policy. Read more about plagiarism.