Student Research at VP&S

VP&S Students:

There are numerous opportunities for students to engage in research and global health projects, and several times in the curriculum for interested students to select such opportunities. The summer between first and second year, and electives and Scholarly Project months during the curricular phase of Differentiation and Integration (D&I) are ideal times. Specific seminar opportunities are also offered to VP&S students in their first and final years to exchange ideas and hone scholarly skills.

Resources for planning first-year summer opportunities can be found on our VP&S Summer Opportunities Resources site. This includes NIH summer information.  Our VP&S Student Research Database provides project, mentor, and funding resources to help guide students in planning projects, including the Scholarly Project. In addition, the AAMC's Clinical and Research Opportunities website provides a list of fellowships, internships, summer programs, scholarships, and grants currently available in the United States and abroad.

Visiting students interested in participating in the NIH summer program:

NIH Summer Research

The NIH Summer Research Program at CUIMC coordinates the activities of independently operated T35 programs funded by NHLBI, NIDDK and NIA. The Program enables medical students, in the summer following their first year of medical school, to probe focused areas of basic and clinical research under the supervision of a Columbia University faculty member. Admitted students (“trainees”) receive a stipend, prorated to the length of the appointment, at the NIH pre-doctoral level.

To be admitted, prospective applicants must first find a Columbia University faculty member to mentor them on a research project generated by the mentor. Following that, the student, guided by the mentor, submits an application available on the NIH Summer Research Canvas site. Access to the site is automatically granted to all VP&S medical students and, by invitation, to students of other medical schools.

Admitted trainees perform mentored research (including participating in lab activities). They must also attend weekly Program seminars and give an oral presentation of their research results at the Program’s Trainee Symposium. A short Research Report is also required.

For more information on the NIH Summer Research Program: