Dress Code

Our policy for professional dress code includes:

  • Students are expected to be clean, well groomed, and dressed in a manner appropriate to their responsibilities.
  • In environments that include contact with patients, the following are not appropriate for the workplace: jeans, overalls, sweat shirts, sweat pants, shorts, leggings, halter or tank tops, non-collared tee shirts, work out clothes, sandals or open-toe shoes, caps, bandanas, baseball hats, or body or facial piercings other than ears and those required by a student’s religious or cultural beliefs.
  • Recommended acceptable attire includes: collared shirts, ties, slacks, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and dresses; sneakers are also acceptable if clean and presentable.
  • Students must wear a short white coat with their name badge and university identification visible at all times when seeing patients.
  • Students must maintain a professional appearance even when they are not seeing patients.
  • Students must maintain an optimum level of personal hygiene.
  • Only burgundy scrubs may be worn in the operating room.
  • Burgundy scrubs may not be worn outside under any circumstances, including travel outside between buildings.
  • Scrubs of any color other than burgundy may be worn for anatomy lab.

Adapted from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Professional Dress Code for Students, Faculty, and Staff.