Site Swapping and Service Request Policy for Major Clinical Year

Site Assignments

Once schedules are finalized prior to the start of the Major Clinical Year, students are not permitted to request a site reassignment with the exception of one-for-one swaps where students can request a direct swap of a clerkship site assignment with another medical student. To facilitate a one for one swap request, medical students must provide written notice to the course director and no later than six weeks prior to the start of the rotation. The request must include the name of both students interested in swapping their site assignments, their contact information, as well as their rationale for switching. Course directors reserve the right to approve or deny requests a swap request based on potential impact the change may have. Assignments are made based on teaching availability; altering the distribution of students impacts the educational experience for all those involved. Additionally, the logistics of ensuring students have appropriate medical clearance for and access to systems and scrubs at affiliate sites makes it very challenging to make changes midyear. Occasionally, because of changes in teaching capacity or extenuating personal circumstances, we have to reassign students during the course of the Major Clinical Year; please note that these are exceptions, and desired specialty and convenience or proximity of sites to students' homes are not acceptable reasons for midyear swaps.

Service Assignments

Each clerkship manages the assignment of services individually. It is possible to request services on some clerkships. If requests are permitted, clerkship directors and/or coordinators will contact you to solicit your preferences. Please do not reach out to them regarding service assignments unless they do so. However, if you feel strongly about a particular surgical clerkship service, please contact Doris Leddy at or 212-305-9596 no later than three weeks prior to the start of your Surgery clerkship to let her know. Keep in mind that every effort will be made to grant service requests when they are solicited by the clerkship, but no guarantees can be made. Please contact clerkship directors and coordinators with any specific questions about services.