Withdrawal and Adjustment of Fees

With the passage of the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 (Public Law 102-325), the University is required to implement a refund policy for students who do not register or who withdraw or otherwise fail to complete an enrollment period. Refunds are a percentage of charges (including tuition, dining, and housing) assessed to the student based on the date of the student’s last day of attendance (separation) as reported by the dean of the school. All students will be charged a withdrawal fee of $75. A refund calculation will be based on the last day of attendance; however, a student may be charged for services (e.g., housing, dining) utilized after the last day of attendance. These charges should not be paid with Title IV funds.

Please review the University Registrar site for details about the Refund Rate for Withdrawals. It is recommended that all students considering to take a leave of absence or withdraw from VP&S to meet with both the Office of Student Financial Planning and the Office of Student Financial Services to discuss the financial impact of such action.