Stand Against COVID

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Physical therapists have been at the forefront of treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and play an integral role in their recovery. It is evident that this pandemic will continue to affect patient care and physical therapy practice for several years to come. From hospitalization to discharge, patients recovering from COVID-19 require physical therapy to recover from debilitating deconditioning and breathing difficulties that result as a consequence of the disease. In some instances, the sequelae of COVID-19 disease can be severe, requiring intensive cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal or neurological rehabilitation, which is the focus of physical therapy practice. Now, and for the foreseeable future, support from the community and rehabilitation professionals is critical to return patients to their pre-disease levels of function.


This campaign seeks to support COVID-19 related physical therapy initiatives, including:

  • Professional and student education
  • Community outreach (in-person and telemedicine)
  • Physical therapy rehabilitation programs
  • Physical therapy rehabilitation research

With your support, the Programs in Physical Therapy at Columbia University will be able to expand community outreach and telehealth capabilities, increase access to care to a greater number of patients, determine evidence-based best physical therapy practices, institute effective treatment protocols, and optimize outcomes for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Stand Against COVID campaign seeks to support these initiatives and inspire current and future physical therapists to invest in caring for individuals with COVID-19 disease.