The Programs in Physical Therapy to Join a Prominent Group in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research

The Programs in Physical Therapy will join the Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinical Research Network (PNCRN), a multicenter academic clinical research group, in their pursuit of optimizing treatments and ultimately finding a “cure” for spinal muscular atrophy.  As part of a $1.2 million grant from Cure SMA, in collaboration with the Department of Neurology at Columbia University, the PT program will work with investigators, clinicians, and statisticians from five sites across the US including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Rochester, and Nemours Children’s Hospital

In collaboration with Drs. Timmerberg and Yoon, Dr. Montes will lead a project entitled: “Taking Clinical Evaluation of SMA to the Next Level to Meet Real-Life Challenges.” The aims of this project will focus on (1) developing a competency-based education curriculum for physical therapists working with individuals with SMA, (2) wearable technology for SMA assessment, and (3) understanding the underlying mechanisms of exercise intolerance and fatigue in SMA.