Columbia University Running Symposium Brings Together Alumni, Faculty

June 1, 2019

On June 1, 2019, the Columbia University Programs in Physical Therapy held a continuing education course entitled “The Columbia University Running Symposium-Science Meets Practice: Managing Injuries and Optimizing Performance.”   Directed by DPT program faculty member Colleen Brough, PT, DPT, MS, the course covered methods to identify biomechanical patterns and performance variables linked to increased risk of injury in the running athlete.  Presenters included many DPT program faculty members and alumni.

Dr. Brough commented, “Not only did the course offer participants a deep dive into inter-professional perspectives on running medicine, including the tactical athlete, postpartum running and biologics, but it served as a Columbia DPT program reunion: alumni traveled from California and Maryland to attend. The course drew expert clinicians as well as recently graduated physical therapists, and delivered engaging panel discussions with many Monday morning take-aways.”

Alanna Grey with Program Director Dr. Debra Krasinski
L-R: Alanna Grey, Class of 2009, from Redondo Beach, CA with PT programs director Dr. Debra Krasinski


Group shot of running symposium faculty and student assistants
Running Symposium faculty and student assistants, with PT Programs Director Dr. Debra Krasinski (front row left) and course director Dr. Colleen Brough (fourth from right, back row)