Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT)

One year ago, Christopher Kevin Wong and Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg  launched the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT) with the twin aims of facilitating communication among all involved in physical therapy clinical education and developing educational scholarship related to clinical training. Since then they have expanded awareness of JCEPT within the profession and accepted 3 papers for publication: one addressing communication among clinical education stakeholders, and the other two examining integration of simulation into physical therapy curricula. In the first month of the second  year they have received 4 submissions already. 

They are assisted by a distinguished JCEPT editorial board that includes many leaders in the field—presented alphabetically with one of their many honors—including Gail Jensen (Mary McMillan Lecturer), Pam Duncan (researcher and developer of the Stroke Impact Scale), George Davies (co-founding editor of the Journal of Sports and Orthopedics in Physical Therapy), Dianne Jette (deputy editor in chief of the journal Physical Therapy), Margaret Plack (two-time recipient of the Stanford Award given annually to recognize the most influential Journal of Physical Therapy Education paper), and Anita Santasier (recipient of the APTA Education Section Educational Leadership Award). Together with the associate editors and reviewers, the JCEPT team represents a variety of clinical specialties, educational roles, and levels of experience within the physical therapy profession.

We continue to publish papers that address the preparation of physical therapists for clinical practice, effective and innovative methods for teaching in clinical settings, and solutions for the challenges of integrating didactic knowledge with clinical instruction at entry-level, residency/fellowship, and professional levels. This includes 1) exploratory or experimental research, 2) teaching methods or scalable educational models for the clinic or classroom, 3) narrative and systematic reviews as well as exceptional critically appraised topics addressing clinical education or preparation for practice, and 4) case reports addressing clinical education or that have implications for clinical training such as resident/fellow reflective case reports. Submission of any type are welcome for the Interprofessional Corner, reserved for interprofessional collaborations or contributions from other health professions applicable to physical therapy clinical education.

JCEPT is supported by the Columbia University Library Digital Scholarship. None of the first accepted manuscripts have originated from Columbia University faculty or alumni, but we hope you will consider JCEPT for your next submission. Submit your paper today!

Christopher Kevin Wong and Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg, Editors in Chief