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The Columbia Student Medical Outreach (CoSMO) clinic provides free health care to our community’s uninsured patients. Our volunteer medical students work with attending physicians to offer a range of services, including the following:

Primary Care

We provide routine physicals, drug prescriptions, lab tests (such as blood draws), diabetes equipment, cancer screenings, and more. Patients are seen by a senior student clinician and junior student clinician, who are supervised by an attending physician. Patients may meet with a social work student or health coach if needed.

Specialist Referrals

Our clinic provides free referrals to specialists in all medical and mental health areas. We also provide referrals for diagnostic tests, including imaging (CT, MRI, and ultrasound) and cardiac testing.

Behavioral and Psychiatric Health Services

CoSMO’s Behavioral Health (BH) Clinic helps patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental health needs. Under the guidance of a psychiatrist, our senior clinicians meet with patients, take their history, make a diagnosis, and discuss a treatment plan. Patients are then seen regularly in the BH clinic once or twice per month, meeting with the same clinician when possible. We provide additional psychiatric referrals when appropriate.

Social Work

Established patients can be referred to the CoSMO social work team to address issues like food and housing insecurity.

Health Coaches

Patients with multiple chronic medical conditions can meet with a health coach to help with diet and nutrition, medication and appointment counseling, and motivational interviewing.

Physical Therapy

Healthcare workers provide physical therapy services in the clinic.

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