Infectious Disease

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted in stark terms the importance of ID-related expertise as well as a shortage of current ID physicians in the US. However, VP&S does not currently have a club devoted specifically to promoting student interest in ID. The purpose of this club is to support students in exploring careers in ID. Specific objectives include the following:

  • Give students broad exposure to the field of infectious diseases, including relevant research, clinical practice, and training in related disciplines (i.e. epidemiology, microbiology, etc)
  • Connect students to mentors in order to nurture academic and professional interests, improve awareness of relevant career opportunities, and cultivate student leadership
  • Complement existing classroom instruction in infectious diseases with additional supplementary learning opportunities based on student interest (i.e. division conferences, grand rounds, etc)
  • Enhance awareness of ID-related events and opportunities across VP&S, MSPH, NYP, and the local communities