COFFEEHOUSE is an open-mic style gathering showcasing the musical, spoken word, comedic, and kinesthetic talents of students from across Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). It occurs in two sections:

  1. "COFFEE" during which the audience gathers close to the performers to watch acoustic musical acts, a capella, stand-up comedy, poetry readings, short skits, and anything else you can imagine.
  2. "HOUSE" when the lights go down, the couches are pushed to the sides of the room, and the VP&S Club's dance group, DJs, and bands take the stage for your enjoyment.

As always, there will be FREE PIZZA and REFRESHMENTS. There will be DIEHARD FANS. And there will be YOU, TALENTED PEOPLE, performing your hearts out.

To perform, please email and tell us:

  • First and last name
  • School and class year
  • Phone number
  • Brief description of your act
  • Exact length of your act (in minutes and seconds)
  • Any technical requirements (number of microphones, number of amplifier cords, music you want played while you dance, etc.)

Attend a Coffeehouse event. 

Please Note: In accordance with Columbia University Policy, you are prohibited from bringing outside alcoholic beverages into any University-sponsored events, either on or off campus. Licensed bartenders from the CUIMC Faculty Club are the only people authorized to serve alcoholic beverages at this event.

Music Practice Rooms

One of the biggest attractions of the Musicians' Guild is that we have several rooms in Bard Hall dedicated to students practicing their music. To learn more, please see the links below:

Bard Hall Music Rooms

Music Practice Room Membership