50 Haven Ave. Music Rooms

Music Rooms and Contacts

Following are descriptions of our music rooms. To see these spaces or get more information about them, email the contacts noted below.

  • Benson Music Room/Room A in 50 Haven Ave.: Use this room for a band, amplification, and drums equipment. The room is located within 50 Haven Ave. Lounge closer to the windows. Email coffeehouse@columbia.edu.
  • Wu Music Room/Room B and Music Room C in 50 Haven Ave.: Use this room for the piano, vocals, and classical instruments. Room B is located within 50 Haven Ave. Lounge closer to the main doors. Room C is located in the hallway across from the men's restroom and next to the Center for Student Wellness. Email ps-musicians-guild@cumc.columbia.edu.
  • Wu Music Room in the Vagelos Education Center: Use this room for the Rachmaninoff piano. This room is located on the second floor outside of room 201. Email ps-musicians-guild@cumc.columbia.edu.

Membership Information

Learn more about music room memberships. 

  • Membership fees pay for piano tunings, repairs and replacements, and the purchase of musical equipment (depending on the needs of the space).
  • All memberships run from your sign-up date until the end of the following August. There will be pro-rated fees posted for the rest of the academic year.
  • When there are events scheduled in the 50 Haven Ave. Lounge, you will not be able to use Music Rooms A and B. Please check the posted signs outside the lounge for the weekly events schedule. We cannot guarantee availability of the music rooms at all times.
  • Remember the 50 Haven Ave. music rooms are located in a residence hall where students sleep and study. The rooms are not soundproof, so please be considerate about using them at late night hours and during exam times.
  • If there are any issues with the rooms, please report them immediately to musicians-guild@columbia.edu or coffeehouse@columbia.edu.

Other Rentals of Music Rooms, Piano, Equipment, and Instruments

If you are a student group or department outside of our medical school, there is a fee for using the music rooms as well as for renting the piano and other instruments or equipment for events.

For use of the pianos/Music Room B/C/Vagelos Education Center, email musicians-guild@columbia.edu.

For use of the drums, amp equipment, and Music Room A, email coffeehouse@columbia.edu.

Depending on the needs of your event, we will determine a rate, which often includes meeting with one of our student leaders to make sure you know how to properly use or move the equipment. Fees are for time spent by our leaders and cover equipment maintenance for the music rooms. 

Music Practice Rooms

One of the biggest attractions of the Musicians' Guild is that we have several rooms in 50 Haven Ave. dedicated to students practicing their music. To learn more, please see the link below:

Music Practice Room Membership