Dental Residency Programs

Health and Hospital Harlem Department of Dentistry welcomes you and your interest in one of our fully CODA-accredited residency programs. We strive to provide excellent clinical care to our patients and excellent education to our residents. We know choosing a residency program to attend can be a strenuous and difficult time. Here at Health and Hospitals Harlem, you will get the chance to learn in a 22-chair state-of-the-art facility, where you will gain all the necessary didactic and clinical training you will need. 

Harlem Hospital Dental programs offer a diverse teaching staff, some with over 30 years of clinical experience. We are a moderate size dental program. We have 9 General Dentistry residents per year, 1 Oral surgery resident, 3 Non-Categorical residents per year, and 4 Pediatric residents per year. Our program has the resources and equipment to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Our graduated residents have gone on to have successful careers.

Thank you for considering our program.

With warm regards,

Health and Hospital Harlem Dental Team