Infectious Disease Fellowship Program

Welcome to the Fellowship training program in the sub-specialty of Infectious Disease at Harlem Hospital Center/Columbia University Vagelos College of Physcians and Surgeons. The two-year program in this multi-specialty institution offers a rich and comprehensive training in Infectious Disease which is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The Infectious Diseases core curriculum is designed to prepare the specialist for the American Board of Infectious Disease Certification and independent clinical and/or academic careers. The Division of Infectious Diseases collaborates closely with the Department of Pathology/Microbiology Laboratory, the Department of Pharmacy/Antibiotic Control Program, and the Hospital Infection Control Program. The Division also collaborates with the Department of Medicine and other departments at the institution.

As you embark on this challenging yet rewarding journey in the field of infectious disease, you will be entering a world of countless mysteries of microbes, pathogenic as well as non-pathogenic, old pathogens as well as emerging ones. Throughout your training you will acquire profound understanding of infections, master the art of treating these complex infections and conquering these harmful microbes, as well as develop the skills necessary to provide exceptional care. As a trainee, you have the extraordinary opportunity to keep your passion alive, stay committed to your learning and cultivate empathy and compassion towards your patients and make a real difference in the lives of others, all the while learning to balance academic life and personal life to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing. During your journey at Harlem Hospital Center, you will not be alone. Many teachers, mentors and professionals will guide you along the way. We are excited to witness the extraordinary contributions you will undoubtedly make.

Program Goals

The goals of Infectious Disease Post-Graduate Training at Harlem Hospital is to develop competent Infectious Disease sub-specialist capable of practicing independently and providing high quality care in the discipline by establishing competency in the assessment and management of patients with suspected and confirmed infections, learn to provide effective and efficient continuity care for outpatients with infections, gain skills in the design and conduct of clinical research, in the review and assessment of the medical literature and appropriately documenting in a coherent manner the clinical consultations and establishing teaching skills in the discipline.

How to Apply

The Infectious Disease Fellowship Training Program at Harlem Hospital Center uses the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for applications.