Clear Corneal Incision

Lens and Cataract, Surgery and Complications

Clear Corneal Incision
  • Currently the most popular entrance site for phacoemulsification cataract surgeries and intraocular lens implantations.
  • These clear corneal wounds usually are self-sealing, and do not induce astigmatism as they heal.
  • They have minimal risk of bleeding.
  • May be complicated with Descemet's membrane stripping or tears.
Clear Corneal Incision
  • Initially, a groove incision is created at the anterior edge of the vascular arcade
  • Using a diamond keratome, a CCI is made by depressing the posterior edge of the groove
  • While maintaining a parallel position to the surface of the cornea, the tip of the keratome is then advanced approximately 2 mm and turned posteriorly to perforate Descemet's membrane
  • The resultant 3-mm or slightly smaller incision is usually sufficient for proceeding emulsification and implanting a foldable intraocular lens