Faculty Recruitment from Underrepresented Groups

This program is designed to support the diversity plans of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center's four Schools, and to assist in meeting placement goals established in the University's affirmative action programs by advancing the recruitment of outstanding minority and female scholars in disciplines where their availability exceeds their representation on the faculty. The University's goal is for the composition of its tenured and tenure-track faculty to more closely reflect the national pool of qualified candidates. 

This program consists of two elements: Standard Search Recruitments and Target-of-Opportunity Recruitments.

Standard Search Recruitments

Schools may request funding support to assist in the recruitment of candidates identified through standard searches from groups whose availability exceeds their representation on the faculty. The level of support provided will be predicated on the assumption that, since there was a Standard Search and Evaluation process, this was a planned recruitment for which the Departmental/School had funds already budgeted. Schools may request modest supplemental funds from CUIMC (depending on the unit that will support the recruitment) to make a more competitive offer.

In recognition of the time urgency usually associated with standard search recruitments, requests for support will be accepted and considered on a rolling basis. Hiring units should expect a turn-around time of approximately three weeks.


Target of Opportunity Recruitments

While Departments/Schools will normally use the procedures described in its Standard Search and Evaluation Procedures to recruit faculty members, a hiring unit may seek a waiver from these procedures for some types of recruitments. If the candidate in question is an outstanding woman or minority scholar, whose successful recruitment would bring the composition of the unit's faculty into closer alignment with the composition of the national pool of qualified candidates, then the unit may apply for a waiver, and also seek funds from CUIMC (depending on the unit that will support the recruitment).


Requests for proposals occur twice a year in the fall and spring. 

For more information, please email: Office_Acad_Affairs@cumc.columbia.edu