CUIMC Office of Professionalism

The overarching mission of the CUIMC Office of Professionalism is to promote the values and behaviors associated with an organizational climate and culture of respect, support and positive career growth for all. The Office of Professionalism was established in response to the recommendations of two large CUIMC task forces: the Faculty Liaison Network to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s (NASEM) Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education and the CUIMC Task Force to Assess Anti-Racism in Health Care and the Health Sciences.

The Office of Professionalism has strategic alliances with CUIMC Human Resources (HR), Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA), Postdoctoral Affairs, the Ombuds Office, CUIMC Deans of Students, Cope Columbia, New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) Respect, Research Misconduct Compliance and Training, Public Safety, and others. Thus, those seeking help will be directed to other campus offices when issues require resources or compliance processes not within the scope of the responsibilities of the Office of Professionalism.

The Office collaborates with a broad range of campus partners to:

  1. resolve conflicts that detract from a productive, respectful work environment;
  2. to promote tolerance across differences; and
  3. to provide learning resources and other tools to promote and foster the development of communication and other skills that result in improved team work.

Our work supports academic units as well as individuals, using fair reporting processes and restorative principles of conflict resolution. Our goal is a culture and climate of teamwork, community, acceptance, respect, ethics, excellence, equity, and trust across CUIMC. The degree to which we achieve our aspirations to be the best workplace depends upon building a community where all feel comfortable, respected and welcomed in our workday lives. To this end, the Office will work to disseminate and support the CUIMC Code of Values (CUIMC CARES).

To share a concern and connect with a member of the Office of Professionalism:

Email us:, or 

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CUIMC CARES is a code of values to guide all members of the CUIMC community in their interactions with each other. These values are important in creating a culture that encourages civility, acceptance of differences, respect for all, ethical behavior, and a supportive environment within our community.

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Learning and Outreach

The Office of Professionalism is committed to offering resources, which cultivate and advance a positive community. The Office works directly with departments to develop and administer needs-based training and workshops. Additionally, proactive programming is offered throughout the year in collaboration with university and NYP partners.

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Policies, Tools and Resources

Helpful links to campus partners and relevant polices and resources.

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For more information, please email:, or call: 212-305-1510.