Innovative Medicine

These are incredible times for scientific innovation. A technological revolution leveraging big data and artificial intelligence is underway, and we are experiencing unprecedented discoveries in biomedicine. The translation of research from idea to market has never been faster!

Tapping into this excitement, Innovative Medicine aims to educate and support aspiring healthcare innovators who will accelerate the development of novel technologies and therapeutics to patients and providers in need. We are an interdisciplinary group that connects the medical school with other Columbia graduate programs, as well as with leaders in biomedical innovation from both inside and outside of Columbia.

Our goals are to:

· Educate members about the complicated process of bringing promising therapeutics/technologies out of the laboratory, into clinical testing, and ultimately into widespread use.

· Connect members to academic research projects that will grow innovation at Columbia.

· Promote interdisciplinary partnerships between academia; governmental bodies; entrepreneurial organizations; and the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and health technology industries.

Columbia and New York make up one of the richest healthcare innovation communities in the world, and we are excited to expose you to all it has to offer. Our areas of interest include academic translational/clinical research, biopharma, health-tech/med-tech, regulatory policy, and business in medicine. We are backed by Columbia’s Department of Biomedical Informatics and are closely connected with the Columbia Technology Ventures office and university accelerators. We host events throughout the year that allow students to collaborate with physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and policymakers working on groundbreaking innovations. We also facilitate a seminar course called Biodesign: Medical Innovation to train participants on unmet needs finding, concept generation and selection, prototype development, and early business implementation.

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