Clinical Rotation

During their three-year residency training, the residents will go through nine clinical rotations (24 months in total) and one one-year research rotation. The duration and title of each clinical rotation is summarized below:

Rotation Title Duration (Months)
Orientation                                                                      0.5
CT Simulator, LINAC QA and Informatics                                                                      2.5
Clinical Dosimetry / MU Check                                                                       3
Treatment Planning                                                                       6
Quality Assurance Measurement / Acceptance Testing / Radiation Safety / Shielding                                                                       3
Brachytherapy                                                                       3
Special Procedures                                                                       3
Physics Chart Checks / On Call Physics Experience                                                                       2
Elective (Catch-Up)                                                                       1

Didactic Training

Chart rounds, seminars, clinical conferences, journal clubs, small discussion groups and one-on-one instruction are all integral parts of our residency program. The residents are expected to attend the following:

  • Medical Physics Journal Club (once per month). Each resident is expected to present once per quarter.
  • Radiation oncology Case Conference (twice per month)
  • Radiation Oncology Chart Rounds (twice per week)
  • Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds (once per week)
  • Research meeting at the Center of Radiological Research (once per week)
  • Medical Physics division meetings (once per week)

Ethics and Professionalism Course

Starting from September 2023, our program will offer a didactic course entitled “Professionalism, Leadership, Management & Ethics for Medical Physics Residents”. This course provides (1) an overview of ethical issues faced by practicing medical physicists, (2) an introduction to leadership philosophies that may be utilized when managing a clinical practice or technical team, and (3) general professional life skills useful in the field of medical physics. The following topics will be covered:

  • Profession Overview & Expected Behaviors
  • History of Medical Physics
  • Medical ethics: historical perspective, clinical & research ethics with case studies
  • Regulation, regulatory bodies & board certification
  • Incidents and safeguards
  • Balancing leadership & management
  • Managing performance & motivation
  • Empowerment & delegation
  • Decision making
  • Leading change
  • Fielding calls as a medical physicist
  • Presenting new technology to administrators
  • Staffing models in Radiation Oncology
  • Job hunt, interviews and negotiating your first contract
  • Clinical research methods

Research Rotation

One year research rotation is integrated into the three-year program and coordinated with clinical training. Our program provides ample research opportunities for residents to participate in both cutting-edge studies and collaborative clinical projects.