Cheng Lab

Location and Contact Information

630 West 168 Street
Vanderbilt Clinic (VC)-11-236
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

My research interest is focused on enhancing the effectiveness of radiation therapy and immunotherapy in lung and brain tumors using innovative experimental platforms. My research approach is divided into two programs:

1.) A translational laboratory group dedicated to uncovering the biological mechanisms of radiation and immunotherapy resistance in tumors

2.) A data science group examining the interaction of patient factors, such as seemingly unrelated incidental medications use and community flu incidence, on cancer treatment response and patient survival

Lab Members

Active Lab Members

  • Kunal Chaudhary, PhD

    • Associate Research Scientist
  • Connor Kinslow, MD

    • Radiation Oncology Resident
  • Sam Heilbroner, MD

    • Data Scientist

Inactive Lab Members

  • David Bender

    • Columbia VP&S MD student
  • Eric Xanthopoulos, MD, JD

    • Attending Physician
  • Ling Ye, MD, PhD

    • Columbia VP&S MD/PhD Student