Latest Research

Columbia University Irving Medical Center is propelling the radiation oncology field forward by researching the latest treatments. Our latest investigations include:


FLASH Radiotherapy - An ultra-high dose of radiation is delivered a thousand times quicker than conventional radiotherapy. Columbia is one of the few centers with a FLASH radiotherapy machine and partners with Cornell on research to advance this field. 

Radiation Therapy and Immunotherapy - A promising combination of treatment in which localized radiation is used on a tumor to stimulate an immune attack against itself and other metastases.

Stereotactic MR-guided Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART) - A new, non-invasive treatment for oligometastatic disease, a type of metastasis where cancer has spread to 1 to 5 additional sites throughout the body.

Ethos™ Adaptive Radiation Linear Accelerator - This new technology leverages artificial intelligence to provide adaptive radiation treatments in less than 30 minutes per treatment for cancers of the anus, bladder, cervix, head and nexk, endometrium, esophagus, pancreas, prostate and rectum. 

Focused Ultrasound - Columbia has clinical trials that use focused ultrasound to open up the natural barrier in the brain to let the chemotherapy better penetrate and work with the radiation to improve outcomes for adult and pediatric brain cancers. 

Clinical Trials - Our radiation oncologists conduct clinical trials to further our understanding of rapidly developing radiation technologies and treatment approaches for cancers in children and adults. Your cancer team will assess if you qualify for innovative cancer treatment.