"Ask COAP" Series

In this brown bag series, the leaders of the Committee of Appointments and Promotion (COAP), who are directly involved in the promotion process, discuss criteria for promotion and how faculty can optimize their academic profiles.


Preparing for Tenure

This session focuses on specific ways in which faculty who are on tenure track or who are thinking of moving to tenure track can prepare for a positive review. Chairs and members of the CUIMC COAP provide strategies on how to prepare for tenure. A Q&A session follows.  

Video recording and resources

Promotion Process on the “At CUMC” Title Track

These sessions review the criteria for promotion in each track. Faculty have the opportunity to ask the two chairs of the Committee of Appointments and Promotions (COAP) questions about the processes and timelines for promotions at CUIMC.  

Video recording and resources

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For more information, please email: Office_Acad_Affairs@cumc.columbia.edu