APOYO: An Adolescent Pregnancy Program in Washington Heights

APOYO: An Adolescent Pregnancy Program in Washington Heights is a student-run service learning and mentoring program. Our program aims to:

  1. Educate and provide resources for pregnant adolescents in the Washington Heights community.
  2. Educate and provide unique opportunities for first and second-year medical students to work with underserved adolescents.
  3. Foster a collaborative, supportive environment among medical students and participating adolescents, with the possibility of establishing more longitudinal relationships between medical student mentors and adolescents.

Through APOYO, medical students provide adolescents with another form of support and education that they might not receive in their clinics. We want them to feel comfortable throughout their pregnancies and be equipped with the proper resources to care for their newborns.

In addition, we hope medical students become more confident interacting with vulnerable patient populations and treating their future patients with a holistic approach.

For more information, email apoyo@columbia.edu