Process and Timeline

Mark a calendar with these important dates for prospective Columbia medical students to complete the application process. Applicants should begin to prepare for medical school a year in advance of their anticipated matriculation date.

May: Primary application becomes available via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

July - October: Secondary Application invitations are sent to all applicants who selected Columbia VP&S and all submitted applications are processed.

August - January: Interview invitations are sent.

September: Last month in which the MCAT may be taken and submitted for the 2022 application cycle. 

Oct. 15: Columbia's deadline for the AMCAS primary application.

Oct. 22: Columbia's deadline for the Secondary Application.

Oct. 29: Columbia's deadline for supporting documents, i.e., Secondary Application fee, MCAT score, and letters of recommendation.

March: Admission offers are sent and waitlist opens.

April: Revisit Day occurs for admitted students.

April 15: Drop date for admitted students to withdraw from all but three schools. 

April 30: Drop date for admitted students to withdraw from all but one school. Admitted students planning to enroll at Columbia VP&S must select either "Plan To Enroll" or "Commit to Enroll" option for VP&S on the Choose Your Medical School tool. 

May-August: Admissions Committee reviews waitlist applicants.

June 1: Students matriculating at VP&S, must select the "Commit to Enroll" option on the Choose Your Medical School tool

Mid-August: Orientation and classes begin for the matriculating class and the waitlist closes.