VP&S: Curriculum Re-imagined


The Committee on Education Policy and Curriculum (CEPC) of the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is responsible for reviewing and revising the curriculum and evaluating programs to ensure our students meet the required objectives in their medical education and clinical settings. CEPC oversees curricular content, its sequence, and instructional and assessment methods. After evaluating the progress in these areas over recent years, CEPC concluded that maintaining the ideal environment for producing leaders in science and medicine required reimagining the curriculum.  

The first imperative is preparing our students for practice in the second half of this century, acknowledging the profound societal changes transforming medicine, and equipping our students to evaluate health needs through the lens of equity, diversity, and justice while continuing our legacy of innovative discoveries within science and medicine. Second, to remain at the forefront of scientific discovery, we must ensure that the Major Clinical Year (MCY) and Differentiation and Integration (D&I) phases of the clinical curriculum are deeply informed by the pre-clinical Fundamental curriculum including the foundational discovery sciences and basic social sciences.

To achieve these goals, the committee has charged us to remain committed to a competency-based curriculum; using evidence-based teaching and learning practices; and adherence to the values of humanism and collaboration, inquiry and transformation, and growth and wellness.

In addition to the work of CEPC, a community kick-off will occur in October. Chair-identified key educational faculty, in addition to our core undergraduate medical teaching faculty will soon participate in a retreat to establish the ideal characteristics of a VP&S graduate and key objectives. We will also invite the entire community to participate in a gathering in February. In the interim, please use the link below to tell us your ideas and suggestions.

We are looking forward to our RE-IMAGINED future at VP&S.

Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE
Vice Dean for Education

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