Our Members


  • Mason Amelotte 

    • Research Technician

    Mason Amelotte is a research technician skilled in mouse husbandry and tissue culture.

  • Lorelei Calboreanu

    • Research Technician

    Lorelei Calboreanu is a research technician. She helps with recruitment of subjects, processing of samples, and qPCR.

  • Chris Depender

    • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Chris Depender is a clinical research coordinator. He helps with recruitment of participants and with sample collection.

  • Kevin Doyle 

    • Biostatistician

    Kevin Doyle is a biostatistician. He analyzes human genomic sequence data.

  • Chandan Gurung

    • Post-Doctoral Researcher

    Chandan Gurung is a post-doctoral researcher. He is highly skilled in immunofluorescence assays, western-blots and rtPCR.

  • William Quigley

    • Research Technician

    William Quigley is a research technician. He helps with recruitment of subjects and processing of biological samples.

  • Lesley Vickers

    • Laboratory Manager

    Lesley Vickers is the laboratory manager for the Garcia laboratories.

  • David Zhang, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Medicine

    David Zhang, MD, was a former pulmonary and critical care fellow and is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine.

Dr. Garcia and five members of the Garcia lab pose for a picture inside the lab