Affiliated Research Groups

Baccarelli Lab

  • The Baccarelli Lab focuses on environmental and epidemiology studies to investigate environmental programming and mechanisms of human disease.
  • Principal InvestigatorAndrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD

Barr Lab

  • The Barr Lab researches respiratory epidemiology with a focus on obstructive lung disease and emphysema.
  • Principal InvestigatorRobert Graham Barr, MD

The Center for LAM and Rare Lung Diseases at Columbia University

  • The multi-disciplinary center focuses on clinical and basic science research of LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis) and other rare lung diseases, as well as care of patients with rare lung diseases.
  • DirectorJeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD

Schindler Lab

Que Lab

  • The Que Lab's research is on the molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in the esophagus and lung.
  • Principal InvestigatorJianwen Que, MD