Research Labs

Current laboratory studies seek to better understand the origins and effects of conditions to unlock new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.   

  • Justin Golub, MD, MS, and his laboratory use large databases, new imaging tools, and modern biostatistical techniques to investigate the brain effects of age-related hearing loss.

  • Research at the laboratory of Ana Kim, MD, involves exploring the effect of noise-induced hearing loss and prolonged hearing loss on the central auditory pathway using a mouse model.

    Peripheral nerve processes in cochlear hair cells of the mouse.
  • Our lab focuses on measuring, analyzing, and predicting the mechanical behavior of materials and objects and describing how mechanical behavior couples with optical or electrical properties.

  • The Fowler Memorial Laboratory of Elizabeth Olson, PhD, explores the “cochlear amplifier,” the cell-based mechanism for boosting sensitivity and frequency selectivity in the inner ear.

  • This lab focus on the investigation of laryngeal nerve regeneration and laryngeal proprioception and the biomedical development of devices to improve the treatment of voice and airway disorders.