Squamous Papilloma

Sesile squamous papilloma

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms:
    • May be asymptomatic or associated with foreign body sensation, itching, irritation, mucoid discharge, tearing and even decreased vision
    • When they become large enough, the mass effect of the lesions may prevent proper lid apposition or closure
  • Signs:
    • Can be pedunculated or sessile
    • Typically appear as strawberry red lesions
    • The geometric evenly spaced vessel arrangement throughout the lesions can be seen beneath the transparent, glistening surface
    • May be found anywhere on the conjunctiva as single or multiple lesions
    • Multiple pedunculated papillomas most commonly develop in children; they are thought to be caused by Human papillomavirus infection
    • Have no potential of malignant degeneration
    • Recurrence is frequent, especially in children.


  • No treatment recommended for asymptomatic lesions because of the high rate of spontaneous resolution.
  • Simple excision including an area of healthy surrounding conjunctiva with cryotherapy to the base of the excision can give an effective cure.
  • Medical therapy including interferon has been successful in treating recurrent lesions.
  • CO2 laser for vaporization therapy may be used.
Pedunculated squamous papilloma