Conjunctival Hemangioma

Nodular Hemangioma

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms:
    • Small-sized tumor, mostly asymptomatic or cause mild ocular irritation
    • Spontaneous bleeding or bloody tears.
  • Signs:
    • Benign, slowly progressive, bright red patch of vessels with sometimes ill-defined margins
    • Typically rounded, nodular, polypoid or lobulated, may grow and reach an enormous size of mass
    • May be found as an isolated lesion or associated with other ocular capillary hemangiomas or systemic diseases such as Sturge-Weber syndrome
    • Multiple or multi focalized hemangiomas are usually independent and separated from one another with little connection with the surrounding vessels.


  • Observation for increase in size, number of lesions, and morphological changes.
  • Surgical excision, electrolysis and thermocoagulation have been used with success.
Conjunctival Hemangioma