Traumatic Iridodialysis
  • Rupture of the iris at its iris root frequently occurs following blunt trauma or penetrating injuries to the globe.

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms:
    • Minimal with small iridodialyses
    • With larger iridodyalises, patients may experience double pupil effect, monocular diplopia, glare and phophobia
    • Signs:
      • Commonly associated with hyphema and an irregular pupil
      • May be single or multiple, small or extensive radially
      • Damage of the trabecular meshwork and peripheral anterior synechiae may cause IOP elevation


  • Bed rest and observation.
  • Sunglasses, tinted contact lenses or those with artificial pupil may help reduce the symptoms.
  • Surgical repair may be considered in cases of large dialyses or persistent monocular diplopia.