Corneal Abrasion

Corneal Abrasion
  • May occur following mechanical or chemical injuries.
  • Usually results from corneal epithelium removal with intact Bowman's membrane.

Clinical Features

  • Symptoms: pain, photophobia, foreign body sensation, tearing and history of ocular trauma
  • Signs: fluorescein staining of the epithelial defect
  • Re-epithelialization of the corneal surface usually begins within 24 hours after trauma.
  • The healing process depends on the size of the abrasion, type of injury and limbal function.


  • Debridement of loose epithelium
  • Antibiotic ointment or drops
  • Cycloplegic agent is occasionally added if photophobia or traumatic iritis is present
  • Eye patching can be considered, except in contact lens wearers and trauma involving organic matter
  • For contact lens wearer, antibiotics should include anti-pseudomonal coverage