CUIMC Office of Professionalism

To share a concern and connect with a member of the Office of Professionalism:

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Members of the CUIMC community are encouraged to connect with the Office of Professionalism if they experience or witness a concern within the CUIMC community. When concerns are shared, a member of the Office of Professionalism works to understand the concern and provide supportive follow-up as needed in coordination with university partners (CUIMC HR, EOAA, Ombuds Office, CUIMC school Student Deans, NYP Respect, and Public Safety). Sharing concerns and seeking support from the Office of Professionalism are important steps community members can take to cultivate respect and professionalism at CUIMC. Whenever possible, concerns are addressed using restorative principles of conflict resolution.

Retaliation Policy

Columbia prohibits retaliation against individuals because of their participation in any manner in an investigation or proceeding governed by a university entity (e.g., the Office of Professionalism, EOAA, HR, Public Safety). This includes retaliation against Complainants, Respondents, and any others participating in an investigation, or proceeding.

Anonymous Reports and Privacy

When anonymous reports are received, the Office will pursue understanding of the concern to the best extent possible. If able we will offer supportive resources; however, we will work within each individual’s comfort zones. Please do note that issues requiring mandatory reporting must be reported as per university policy. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding sharing a concern.