CUIMC Office of Professionalism

CUIMC CARES is a code of values to guide all members of the CUIMC community in their interactions with each other. These values are important in creating a culture that encourages civility, acceptance of differences, respect for all, ethical behavior, and a supportive environment within our community. We all share a commitment to trust, equity, and teamwork, and we all share the responsibility to model professionalism fosr every individual within our medical center community. This shared commitment will ensure and foster the most positive work environment for ourselves and others. We can fulfill that commitment by consciously putting into action our core values of excellence, empathy, accountability, respect, and diversity.

Through CUIMC CARES, we aspire to build a community where every individual feels welcome and accepted, and has opportunities for professional growth and success.



  • Civility means promoting professionalism and a climate of growth, learning, and teamwork.
  • Civility means being accountable for your own professional conduct.


  • Acceptance of CUIMC policies and procedures shows your commitment to our core values.
  • Acceptance of the importance of diversity in all its forms—race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and national/ethnic origin—will foster mutual respect of each member’s value within the community and encourage you to intentionally foster inclusiveness.
  • Acceptance of the impact of biases on professional conduct will help you identify biases when they occur


  • Respect encourages us to treat each person with courtesy and civility.
  • Respect in the confidentiality and privacy of all community members is essential for collegiality.
  • Respect enables you to listen and respond to constructive feedback and model this behavior for others.


  • Ethics is doing what’s right, such as refraining from engaging in, supporting, or tolerating inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive behaviors.
  • Ethics is reporting abuses of power in hierarchical relationships.
  • Ethics is modeling professionalism by resolving conflicts in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.


  • Support is shown by creating and maintaining a culture in which reporting is safe and free of retaliation.
  • Support is demonstrated through interactions that use words and actions that are thoughtful, constructive, and tolerant.
  • Support is shown through awareness of your own well-being and the well-being of others.

Tell us about those who embody the tenets of CUIMC Cares

The Office of Professionalism wants to hear about CUIMC faculty, staff, and students who embody the tenets of CUIMC Cares. Did you experience or witness an interaction that embodied civility, acceptance, respect, ethics, and/or support? Please let us know about it by submitting accolades and praise.


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