Our Team


  • James Spears, MD

    Dr. James Spears, a family physician, has worked with underserved populations in New York City for more than 20 years. He previously worked at multiple drop-in sites and homeless shelters in Manhattan with the Institute for Urban Family Health. He helped establish a medical practice at the Times Square Hotel, the largest single room occupancy (SRO) in the United States. Dr. Spears established and developed the Nagle Family Health Center for Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Washington Heights, and he has helped develop the Family Medicine Residency Program at Columbia, where he served as Medical Director for five years. Dr. Spears is currently the Medical Director of the Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic of the Actors Fund, serving the uninsured and underinsured entertainment professionals of greater NYC. He also teaches Columbia VP&S medical students at all levels of training, including at Columbia-Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership since its inception. He is from California, where he received his undergraduate degree from Stanford and his MD from the University of California, Davis.

    James Spears
  • Allie (Alexandra) Brown, MD

    Alexandra Brown was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and French and completed a Master’s of Arts in French Cultural Studies at Columbia University’s Reid Hall campus in Paris. Prior to attending medical school at the University of Vermont, she worked for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative at the World Health Organization in Switzerland. She has always been focused on working with medically underserved populations. She has worked at Planned Parenthood of Baltimore, as a counselor for surgical patients, for AmeriCorps in Baton Rouge as a Breast and Cervical Cancer Outreach coordinator, and now is thrilled to work at Farrell Community Health Center.

    Allie (Alexandra) Brown

Medical Students

Our trained team of medical students includes pre-clinical students, board members, and clinical students.

  • Isaac Alter

    • External Finance
    Isaac Alter
  • Simran Chand

    • Outreach Chair
    Simran Chand
  • Maya De Jonge

    • Education
    Maya De Jonge
  • Shravya Gurrapu

    • Quality Improvement
    Shravya Gurrapu
  • Shruthi Shivkumar

    • Internal Finance
    Shruthi Shivkumar
  • Lorenzo Talbot-Foote

    • External Affairs
    Lorenzo Talbot-Foote
  • Tina (Xinzhu) Yang

    • Internal Affairs
    Tina (Xinzhu) Yang
  • Harry Fillmore

    • Clinical Student
    Harry Filmore
  • Carina Sirochinsky

    • Clinical Student
    Carina Sirochinsky
  • Michael Kirschner

    • Clinical Student
    Michael Kirschner
  • Victoria Solomon

    • Clinical Student
    Victoria Solomon
  • Dean Strup

    • Clinical Student
    Dean Strup
  • Michelle Shui

    • Clinical Student
    Michelle Shui
  • Cathy Shang

    • Clinical Student
    Cathy Shang
  • Adrie Bergstein

    • Clinical Student
    Adrie Bergstein
  • Alice Linder

    • Clinical Student
    Alice Linder
  • Lotanna Ezenekwe

    • Clinical Student
    Lotanna Ezenekwe
  • Fi van Wingerden

    • Clinical Student
    Fi van Wingerden
  • Lindsey Maclay

    • Clinical Student
    Lindsey Maclay
  • Omid Cohensedgh

    • Clinical Student
    Omid Cohensedgh
  • John McGroven

    • Clinical Student
    John McGroven
  • Amissa Brewer

    • Clinical Student
    Amissa Brewer
  • Cibel Buamgart

    • Clinical Student
    Cibel Buamgart
  • Sam Burnim

    • Clinical Student
    Sam Burnim
  • Connor Stonesifer

    • Clinical Student
  • Kenny Hubbell

    • Clinical Student
    Kenny Hubbell
  • Michael Calavano

    • Clinical Student
    Michael Calavano
  • Ariel Pourmorady

    • Clinical Student
    Ariel Pourmorady
  • Sarah Householder

    • Clinical Student
    Sarah Householder
  • Hannah McMullen

    • Clinical Student
    Hannah McMullen
  • Joe de Jonge

    • Clinical Student
    Joe de Jonge
  • Ryan Huff

    • Clinical Student
    Ryan Huff
  • Yogi Kim

    • Clinical Student
    Yogi Kim
  • Sam Kokoska

    • Clinical Student
    Sam Kokoska
  • Xander Harris

    • Clinical Student
    Xander Harris
  • Phoebe Greenwald

    • Clinical Student
    Phoebe Greenwald
  • Catherine Jennings

    • Clinical Student
    Catherine Jennings
  • Bernardo Da Silva

    • Clinical Student
    Bernardo Da Silva
  • Abby Dolmseth

    • Clinical Student
    Abby Dolmseth