Class Council

Each incoming class elects its own council, whose function changes as the class progresses through its four years of medical school. Each class participates in this longstanding partnership with the administration and work to improve the medical school experience for our class and classes to come.

In addition to events planned by representatives in their individual roles, current projects of the first year class council include working with Facilities Management and Campus Services to redesignate study and social spaces to better serve students, providing structured feedback to improve the new pre-clinical curriculum for future classes, and establishing a formal Graduate Student Council with other graduate schools at Columbia University.

Class Council Resources

For a complete list of the Class Council representatives for each class year, please view the following lists by class year:

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Class of 2025

AAMC Rep: Audrey De Paepe,   

Admissions Rep: Prashanth "PK" Kumar,

AIMS Rep: Mansi Shah,

AIMS Rep: Jeremiah Douchee,                                 

Alumni Association Rep: Alina Andrews,  

Alumni Association Rep: Alaka Gorur,             

Curriculum Rep: Matt Spence,

Curriculum Rep: Emily Ishak,

Curriculum Rep: Ketty Bai,               

DAC Rep: Joshua Dawson,

DAC Rep: Charu Vyas,

DAC Rep:  Prateek Sahni,               

Eco Rep: Johnathan Bailey,

Ethics Rep: Kathryn McHenry,

Financial Aid Rep: Justin Cheong,

Housing Rep: AJ Klein, 

VP&S Club Rep: Apoorva Mehta,

VP&S Club Rep : Kenny Egbuonu,          

President: Gabby Wiemer,      

Vice President: Konje Machini,

Webmaster: Jonathan Lee,            

Wellness Rep: Kimberly Sanchez,

Wellness Rep:  Audrey De Paepe,

Wellness Rep (Bassett): Carina Sirochinsky,

Wellness Rep (MD/PhD): Kate Cunningham, 

Yearbook Rep: Justin Chestang,

Yearbook Rep: Arin Stowman,