Columbia Crafts

Welcome to Columbia Crafts, a unique club that bridges the worlds of art, medicine, and community service - Crafting for Wellness at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC).

Mission and Goals

Our club was founded with four primary objectives in mind, each designed to enrich the lives of CUIMC students while extending our impact to the broader New York City community.

  1. To provide a creative outlet for CUIMC students to alleviate stress and explore creativity in medicine by engaging in crafting activities such as knitting, crocheting, glass making, painting, sculpting, and more. We believe that these activities of creating and crafting can be extremely beneficial to the overall well-being of CUIMC students.
  2. To serve the CUIMC and broader NYC communities by donating completed crafting projects, such as blankets and holiday cards to those in need. We hope to have regular drives in which we will donate crafted projects to organizations through NYP and in local communities.
  3. To promote interdisciplinary education by providing a shared creative space for students across the CUIMC campus. We hope that our organization will provide a space for interdisciplinary learning by bringing students from all schools at CUIMC together. Additionally, regular speakers who have found a balance of art and medicine in their careers can potentially serve as mentors to club members in their journey to use creativity as healthcare providers. Promoting learning at the intersection of creativity, craft, and medicine will enable Columbia to continue training more future healthcare providers who are thoughtful and humanistic.
  4. To cultivate knowledge about the art of crafting and its importance to the practice of medicine.


For questions or more information about Columbia Crafts, please contact the following: