The Columbia University Doctor of Physical Therapy program invites you to explore our unique and innovative curriculum. Students can personalize their educational path through research opportunities, teaching practicums, an advanced seminar, electives, and service and experiential learning. 

Year One

Fall courses:
Gross Anatomy (7)
Applied Physiology (2)
Kinesiology & Biomechanics I (5)
Professional Leadership & Practice I (2)
Examination & Evaluation (3)
Evidence-Based Practice I (2)
Total Credits: 21


Spring Courses:
Clinical Education Seminar I (0)
Neuroscience (4)
Medical Screening I (2)
Kinesiology & Biomechanics II (3)
Movement Science (2)
Physical Therapy Procedures (3)
Concepts in Therapeutic Exercise (2)  (½ semester)
PT Management of Orthopedic Conditions I (2)  (½ semester)
Professional Leadership & Practice II (2)
Evidence-Based Practice II (2)

Possible Elective
Service Learning Elective in Guatemala (2)
Total Credits: 20 (22)

Summer Courses:
Physical Modalities (1)
Soft Tissue Mobilization (2)
PT Management of Orthopedic Conditions II (4)
Clinical Geriatrics (3)
Evidence-Based Practice III (1)
Medical Screening II (2)
Possible Elective:
Medical Spanish (0)
Total Credits: 13


Year Two

Fall Courses: 
Clinical Education Seminar II (0)
PT Management of Cardiopulmonary Conditions (3)
PT Management of Orthopedic Conditions III (4)
PT Management of the Adult with Neurological Conditions I (3)
Orthotics (2) 

Possible Elective:
Research Practicum I (1)

PART B: First Clinical Education Experience (0)
Total credits: 12-13


Spring Courses:
Clinical Education Seminar III (0)
Professional Leadership & Practice III (2)
PT Management of Integumentary Impairments (½ semester) (2)
PT Management of Orthopedic Conditions IV (5)
PT Management of the Adult with Neurological Conditions II (5)
PT Management of Pediatric Conditions (5)
Prosthetics (½ semester) (2)    
Possible Electives:
Service Learning I (2)
Service Learning II (Repeat Experience) (2)
Research Practicum II (1)
Total credits: 23-28


Summer Courses:
Intermediate Clinical Education Experience II (0)
Total Credits: 0


Year Three

Fall Courses:
Medical Screening III (2)
Clinical Education Seminar IV (0)
Professional Leadership & Practice IV (5)                       
Clinical Case Management Seminar (2)                           
Complex Medical Conditions (2)      

Advanced Seminar Courses: (students Select 1):               
Adult Neuro-Rehabilitation                                    

Possible Elective:
Research Practicum III (0)         
Total credits: 14


Spring Course(s):
Terminal Clinical Education Experience(s) (0)