Financial Fact Sheet

Columbia University Programs in Physical Therapy

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Financial Fact Sheet


The data applies to students experiencing the program in academic year 2023-2024.

Length of Program which includes all student instruction/interaction (including classroom, laboratory, exams, and clinical education). Include the total number of weeks where either full or partial attendance is required.

Length of Program in Weeks excluding breaks: 113 weeks

Length of Program in Weeks including breaks: 139 weeks

Clinical Education

Does this program have a requirement for all students to complete at least one clinical education experience for which the students would be required to seek alternative housing or travel accommodations to attend? No

Students are responsible for costs associated with housing, travel and food during clinical education.

These are costs experienced by students in the Fall 2023 - August 2024 academic year. Annual costs are estimates and subject to increases. 

Student Costs


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3




Annual Tuition Public Institution, In-state Student:        
Annual Tuition Public Institution, Out-of-state student:        
Annual Tuition Private Institution Student: $43,444 $42,200 $32,456 $118,100
Annual institutional fees for a full-time student (Includes general institutional fees, i.e., health insurance, recreation, etc.) $11,934 $11,829 $11,611 $35,374
Total expected cost of other program-related expenses (Includes: required texts, laboratory fees, and other program costs for the entire technical program.) $1,915 $1,305 $980 $4,200
Total Cost of the Program (Includes: tuition, fees, other program costs for the entire program $57,293 $55,334 $45,047 $157,674

Students are encouraged to explore the cost of living for areas where they may choose to live.

On-Campus Housing Information

Off-Campus Housing Information

Does the institution offer financial assistance specific to DPT students? Yes

Does the program/institution offer scholarships specific to DPT students? Yes

Does the program offer graduate assistantships specific to DPT students? No

APTA student members are encouraged to visit the APTA Financial Solutions Center at

Student Debt Summary

Average student debt from the DPT Program for students who graduated in 2023 - $156,385

Average total student debt after completing the DPT Program. Includes all student loan debt - $167,949

The Programs in Physical Therapy provides multiple opportunities for students to receive internal and external scholarships.