Brown Scholars Research Projects

" The program provided exposure to different physicians and different aspects of primary care. This allowed me to get a better sense of the kind of primary care career I could see for myself"

Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2021

Taiwo P. Alonge

Project: Medicine, Public Health, Community Health, and Social Justice Curriculum for NYC BIPOC High Schoolers

Marco Grossi Barber

Project: COVID-19 Patient Needs after Discharge Home: A Content Analysis of Medical Records from a Remote Care Program

Fikayo Falodun

Project: Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Social Connectedness and Mental Health among Adolescents in New York City.

Kathleen Goodwin

Project: Dissemination and Implementation of Opioid Education and Naloxone Training at Columbia University.

Stephanie Granada

Project: Birthing Experiences of Spanish Speakers During the COVID-19 Pandemic in NYC 

Teresitta Velez

Project: Experience of Families with Limited English Proficiency on Family-Centered Rounds

Kristen Ward

Project: Mental Health Monologues


Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2020

Amy Ellingson

Project: Improving the rate of HPV vaccination among 11-17-year-olds at the Farrell Community Health Center: A Quality Improvement Project

Aury Garcia

Project: Maternal Acculturation and Childhood Obesity Risk Factors During the First 1000 Days of Life

Lilian McKinley

Project: Hospital Safety-Net Burden and Risk for Readmissions and Severe Maternal Morbidity.

Gabriela Puente

Project: Interactions with Law Enforcement and Associations with General Anxiety Amongst Young Men in Northern Manhattan

Cristian Taborda

Project: The role of telephone vs video interpretation on patient satisfaction and comprehension in an adult ambulatory care clinic.

Barbara Trejo

Project: Integrating Primary Care Into Community Mental Health Settings

Sarah Williams

Project: Podcasts about Pediatrics and Advocacy


Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2019

Melissa C. Chiang

Project: Interprofessional Education at CHHMP: Improving Interdisciplinary Communication at a Student-Run Free Clinic

Natalie A. Diacovo

Project: The Waiting Room as a Space for Self-Expression in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting

Anoushka A. Sinha

Project: The Waiting Room as a Space for Self-Expression in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting

Lauren K.  Harris

Project: Auriculotherapy as Adjunct for Pain Management During First Trimester Aspiration Abortion:  A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, three-arm trial

Kimberly B. Laughman

Project: Pediatrics Clerkship Adolescent Health Curriculum Research

Rebecca D. Lichtin

Project: Piloting an Inter-Professional Education Program for Health Graduate Students

Koryalys Edwards

Project: Describing Baseline Characteristics of Adolescent vs Young Adult OnTrackNY Participants



Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2018

Erin E.  Elbel
Project: Providing Well Child-Care Through Group Visits: A Multi-Site Effort

Martha A Muña
Project: Providing Well Child-Care Through Group Visits: A Multi-Site Effort

Amit Suneja
Project: Chronic disease management after natural disaster: public policy, public health, and provider perspectives 

Zoe L. Becker
Project: Women’s Health at Columbia-Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership (CHHMP)

Mytra Haerizadeh
Project: Interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder induced by medical events: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Jacob S. Hartman
Project: Long-form journalism on the inter-professional and collaborative response of healthcare professionals and child safety workers in northern Vermont to the opioid epidemic’s impact on the parent-child relationship

Logan C. Mauney
Project: Creating the Brown Scholars Longitudinal Care Experience

Vanessa L. Nieto
Project: Activity (and Discrimination) in Pregnancy 

Rebecca K. Tsevat
Project: Adolescents’ and Parents’ Attitudes Toward Adolescent Clinical Trial Participation: Changes Over One Year

Athena L.  Huang
Project: Incidence and Screening Recommendations for Diabetic Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes Patients



Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2017

Lauren C. Bell
Research Project: Red Reflex Screening in Cambodia: Exploring the effects of a brief training

Giselle Jaconia
Research Project: Managing Multiple Medications: A Qualitative Evaluation of Facilitators and Barriers to Medication Adherence Among Seniors

Nicholas A. Rozon
Research Project: Young Men, Police Interactions, and Associations with Anxiety: A Cross Sectional Study


Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2016

Lois Bangiolo
Research Project: The Silent STI: Chlamydia in upstate NY School-Based Health Clinics

Ariel Franks
Research Project: HVTN 505 PrEP Interview Project

David Hankins
Research Project: Sexual History-Taking by Medical Students during the Clinical Year


Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2015

Benjamin D. Gallagher
Research Project: Design and Methods of the Telemonitoring Adherence to Medication in Heart Failure Patients (TEAM-HF) Trial

Sarah A. Johnson
Research Project: An Education Module to Increase Pediatric Resident Knowledge of and Screening for Cyber-bullying and Online Harassment

Katherine Nash
Research Project:“Digame” (formerly known as “WHIP”): Assessing the need for and implementation of an intensive summer Spanish language and cultural immersion program

Matt Wingo
Research Project: Improving Access to the Columbia-Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership for Differently-abled Homeless and Uninsured Patients: A QI Project Coordinating outreach and infrastructure


Research Projects- Brown Scholars Class of 2014

Zeena Audi
Research Project: Lang Scholar Community Ambassador Internship: The Impact of a Patient-as-Teacher Module Created by Adolescents in Washington Heights

Katherine Brown
Research Project: APOYO: The Adolescent Pregnancy Project of Washington Heights

Cecilia Fix
Research Project: The Implementation of the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program


Projects Prior to 2014

Rebecca Eskin
Research Project: Status of Advance Care Planning and Impact of a Physician Education Intervention for Elderly Patients at a University-Owned Community Hospital

Hilary Grubb 
Research Project: Cultural Humility with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations: A Novel Curriculum in LGBT Health for Family Medicine Residents 

Colleen Kays
Research Project: Apoyo: Educating Medical Students and Pregnant Adolescents in Washington Heights 

Ruth Stefanos 
Research Project: Motivations for and Outcomes of Participation in the International and Immigrant Family Health & AIDS Program (IFHAP) in the Dominican Republic among Columbia Medical Students 

Nicole Weitz
Research Project: Management of Atopic Dermatitis by Primary Care Providers in Training 

Elizabeth Blair
Research Project: Perceptions of medical care and patterns of healthcare utilization of homeless individuals at a student-run community-based clinic

Cornelia Griggs
Research Project: Assessment of Perceptions of Domestic Violence: Post-Disclosure Care and Resources in the Urban Immigrant Community of Washington Heights

Jennifer Hallock
Research Project: Planning, Decisions, and Ambivalence: Pregnancy in a Family Medicine Practice

Chris Hahn
Research Project: Drug abuser perceptions of barriers to accessing health care services